Latest Underwater Welding Rods to Slash Costs for Marine Sector

Award-winning manufacturer, AIS Technical has developed a revolutionary new welding electrode which will save marine companies significant time and costs on underwater welding projects.

The AIS Technical ‘Barracuda Welding Electrode’ is a specialist welding electrode which gives a better, stronger, underwater weld and operates for up to eight hours – significantly longer than other underwater electrodes. However in testing it far exceeded this timescale, achieving a Class B weld after 24 hours of submersion.

This unique innovation means the underwater welder needs less electrodes to complete each job and returns to the surface less frequently so projects can be completed considerably faster with less wastage.

Underwater welding is used extensively in the maintenance and repair of ships’ hulls and subsea structures and the Barracuda is set to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of these projects dramatically.

The Barracuda Gold’s outstanding performance is possible thanks to a specially formulated waterproof coating which ensures maximum resistance to water and moisture penetration and less underwater oxidation. AIS Technical developed the product after months of extensive research and testing of different chemical formulas in both freshwater and saltwater. The final Barracuda  product, which comprises of multi-layers of specialist coating applied over a two-week period, is manufactured in AIS Technical’s state-of-the-art fabrication facility in North East England under strict quality control methods and procedures to ISO 9001 standards.

Managing Director of AIS Technical, Chris Evans, said: “The Barracuda welding electrode was an internationally patented product in the portfolio of Speciality Welds. When AIS Technical acquired Speciality Welds in 2015, we recognised the opportunity to develop a next generation product and applied our highly innovative approach to eventually come up with the new improved Barracuda.

“This product is a significant development which will benefit both the marine and subsea sectors. The increased length of time it will last in water will enable underwater welding projects to be completed in considerably less time.

“We are anticipating high worldwide demand and have already received orders for the Barracuda Gold from the USA, Australia, Malaysia and Europe.”

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